Replacement for a Milight/LimitlessLED hub hosted on an ESP8266.

You need: 

nodemcuv2 ESP8266 or nodemcuv3 ESP8266 and a NRF24L01 2,4Ghz Radio device.

We use a Nodemcu V3 version:

Nodemcu version 3 ESP8266

 We use a NRF24L01 with external antenna.

Now we connect both modules. You can use Jumper cables, i solder the wires for a better connection.

NodeMCU Radio Color
3V3 VCC Red
D2 (GPIO4) CE Pink
D8 (GPIO15) CSN/CS Yellow
D5 (GPIO14) SCK Green
D7 (GPIO13) MOSI Blue
D6 (GPIO12) MISO Violet


There are different versions of the NRF24L01 module. Check the MCB layout and use the right pinout.

Version 1:

Version 2:

Both modules connected:


 Now connect the Nodemcu USB to your computer, Windows will install the drivers automatically, if not then let Windows search for drivers online.

You can install the drivers manually, download here

 Now download the esp8266 milight hub firmware, choose the last nodemcuv2 version (it doesn't matter you use a V3 version). Download here

Download the Nodemcu flash tool here and unzip the zip file.

 Run ESP8266flasher.exe - Choose the win32 or win64 version i use the win64 version.


Now select your COM Port, you can find the right port in your Windows Hardware settings. In my case COM8.

Click Config.

Now click the gear icon to select the ESP8266 firmware you downloaded.


Click Advanced.

Set the baud rate to 9600.

Click Operation.

Click Flash.

Now wait when the firmware is written to the Nodemcu.

The firmware is written.

Unplug the USB cable and reconnect the USB, wait about 30 seconds. Open your Wifi networks and choose the network ESPXXXXXXX.

Wifi password: milightHub

 Your browser automatically open a webpage.

Choose Configure WiFi.

Now choose your Wifi network.
Enter your Wifi password.

We use a static IP, in our case

Gateway: (your router ip).

Click Save.

Wait 30 seconds and open your browser and enter the ip from your NodeMCU in our case, if the web-interface doesn't show up reboot the Nodemcu te disconnect the USB and re-connect it.

The Milight ESP8266 Hub is up and running.