Now we connect Domoticz to the installed Mqtt Broker from tutorial: MQTT Broker Windows installation

Open Domoticz in your browser, we installed domoticz on a machine with ip port 8080 (follow this tutorial: Domoticz Installation Windows).

At the first Screen choose: Hardware

Select at Type: MQTT Client Gateway witch LAN interface from the drop down menu.


Follow this tutorial: MQTT Broker Windows installation to setup your Broker and user.

Enter these settings: 

Remote Address: The ip from your Mqtt Broker we use (localhost) because Domoticz and the Mqtt Broker are on the same machine.
Port: Mqtt Broker Port we use the default port 1883
Username: we make a user client
password: we use password test

now click Add.

Now scroll to the top of this page, MQTT BROKER is added to your Hardware.

Check that Domoticz is subscribed to the MQTT Broker.

Click SETUP and choose Log.

If you see:
MQTT: Connected to:
MQTT: Subscribed

Domoticz is now connected to the MQTT Broker.