System setup:

I use: Windows 2012 R2
Machine IP:

Be free to use other Windows version (Windows 8,10 2012 and 2016)

Start a regular windows installation and follow the setup instructions. 
Assign a static IP address to your machine.

Enable Remote Desktop and edit Firewall rules.

Now you have a Basic Windows installation, install all Mircosoft Updates.
Run Windows update or follow this tutorial for fast installation - Windows 2012 Update Powershell Script

Domoticz installation:

Download Domoticz for Windows 

Unzip domoticz_windows_x86
Start DomoticzSetup_Version_.exe

I use the default ports.

Install Domoticz as service.

After installation start Domoticz, default port domoticz 8080, in my case:


If you can't connect, check the service status, is the state PAUSED install Visual C++ Redistributables x86 version. Download here.

Now install Python for Windows. you need this for running Python plugins.

Download Python for Windows.

Run python-x.x.x.exe

check: Add Python x.x to Path,
choose: Customize installation,


 Click Next


Install for all users,
Add Python to environment variables,
Precompile standard library,

When the setup is completed restart the Domoticz service.

Now check the Domoticz log, when you see PluginSystem: Started, Python version 'x.xx' the installation was successful.

Open firewall ports you choose at the setup for domoticz, in my case 443(ssl) and 8080.

Your Basic Domoticz server is ready for use.

IMPORTANT: Do not forward port 443 and 8080 in your router to your domoticz server IP, this configuration is not secured, your webinterface is not password protected and your connection is not secured (SSL). Later we publish a tutorial to fix this issue.

Complete installation video: