Flash Sonoff Mini wifi switch ITEAD Firmware version 3.3.0 to Tasmota.

Disconnect Mains power and open the cover.
connect GND and OTA with the jumper .

Close the cover and connect mains power.


Download Sonoff Devices DIY Tools here.

Download Tasmota DIY firmware here.

Create a Wifi Hotspot, i use Windows 10 (Dutch version).

Case sensitive!

Network name: sonoffDiy
Network password: 20170618sn

Turn on the Wifi Hotspot. Now you see at connected devices the sonoff.

 Start the Sonoff Devices DIY Tools, in the directory Tools you find the file to start: tool_01diy85(3.3.0).exe


Your Sonoff device appears in the software. Click ON or OFF if the Sonnof respons the connection is working. Now click Brush machine at the right top corner.

Click: Import Firmware and choose the downloaded Tasmota firmware.

Now click OK to start Flashing.

If ready close the application and there appears a new wifi network choose the tasmota-xxxx network. When connected a message appears at the right corner that an application will open your brower, click on that message.

Now we can configurate the Wifi network. Click Scan for networks and select your own wifi network.

Enter your wifi netwerk password and click Save. The Sonoff reboots and connects your network.

Use a program like advance ip scanner to find the ip of you Sonoff or check your routers DHCP list.

Connect the ip with your browser.

Now the Tasmota GUI appears. Now  click Firmware Upgrade to replace the lite version for the newest Tasmota-basic.

Click start upgrade, wait the Sonoff mini will reboot twice.

Now click configuration.

Click Configure Module.

Set these Settings:

Module type: Generic (0)
D3 GPIO0 Button1: Button1 (17)
D2 GPIO04:  Switch1 (9)
D6 GPIO12 Relay1: Relay1 (21)
D7 GPIO13 Led1i: Led1 (52)

Click Save and the Sonoff Mini will reboot.

Now the Sonoff mini is ready for use.