Tasmota supports automatic discovery by Domoticz through the Domoticz MQTT Discovery plugin. You must have installed Domoticz and a Mqtt Broker.

Accept New Hardware devices must be enabled in the Domoticz settings.

Download Automatic discovery plugin, unzip the downloaded zip into the Domoticz Plugin folder and restart Domoticz.


When installed, add new Hardware.

Name: Name for your Hardware choose it yourself.
Type: MQTT discovery
MQTT Server: Your Mqtt Broker IP
Port: your Mqtt broker port
Username: your client username (optional)
Pasword: your client password (optional)
Discovery topic: homeassistant (don't change if you use default Tasmota settings)
Ignored device topics: tasmota/sonoff/ (don't change if you use default Tasmota settings)
Debug: Verbose

Now add your hardware.

Now we setup your Tasmota device:

Open the Tasmota web-gui. First setup your MQTT Broker.

Click Configuration.

Click Configure MQTT.

Host: Your MQTT Broker ip.
Port: your MQTT port


username and password to login

Topic: Device name

now click Save, your device will reboot

Now we enable Home Assistant automatic discovery.
At the Main menu click console.

type SetOption19 1 and hit Enter

SetOption19 1

Domoticz Automatic discovery plugin is ready for use.